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Hi, my name is Sandy and I'm a newbie 😊

I have osteoarthritis in various places, my hands are currently playing up a lot and I am in need of some advice......

I have recently begun using a rowing machine where I work and have joined a gym, should I be wearing some sort of glove when using equipment????

thanks in advance


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    Hi Sandy641 

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum. Please feel free to have a look around the other forums as there might be other members that are going through the exact same thing as yourself.

    I have attached information regarding Osteoarthritis

    Have you spoken to your GP regarding the gloves?

    I have also attached information regarding Osteoarthritis in the hand and wrist. I hope this might be of some help for you.

    Take Care


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    I have recently moved house and have to register......it's really only just become a problem so it's on my to do list.

    Thank you for the attachments

    Sandy x

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    As my then 3yr old grandson once memorably said "Just do it, do it, do it." When we have an ongoing problem it's essential to register with a GP asap so that they know about us before anything goes wrong.

    As for the rowing machine - I'm certainly no expert, except in 'arthritis' but I'd have thought rowing with dodgy wrists is not the way to go. I'd stick with something less demanding on the problem bits or, better still, enlist the advice of a physiotherapist.

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    My wrists are fine (so far) it's hands that are the issue but I am going to try using straps to take the load off and see how that goes