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Had a telephone appointment with my consultant today - I've been on 15mg of MTX for 9 weeks now and from tomorrow I've been told to increase to 20mg for two doses and then increase again to 25mg. I mentioned the fact that things have deteriorated (knee stiffness/mobility) over the last one and a half weeks (interestingly, after my covid booster). Just interested to hear if its 'normal' for the dose to be increased quite quickly like this. She did say that the initial dose is quite low


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    I was started on 10mg and increased weekly by 2.5 until I got to 25mg where I am just now. I stay on this dose until I see consultant in about 3 months. Stiffness and swelling has decreased markedly since I started medication and my main problem just now is OA which methotrexate doesn't help with. My reading on methotrexate is that it is quite usual to start low and to increase to the 25mg mark. My blood tests indicate a steady decrease of inflammatory markers, the last one showing that I'm now in the 'normal' range. I'm hoping that if this improved situation persists I might be able to decrease my dose over time. I hope things work out as well for you.

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    The speed sounds ok to me too @JenHB

    Interesting that your booster seems to be possibly linked to increased pain. Quite a few have said similar some even starting the whole Arthritis thing of following their jabs having apparently not had it before🙄

    Take care and keep taking the tablets!

    Toni xx

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    My rheumatologist said to me, given the time when I had my booster, and when I started with symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, it's very likely that it was my booster that triggered it. My first two jabs were the same (astrazeneca) but my booster was different (moderna).

    I just started my methotrexate yesterday. Tablets are 2.5 and I took 4. Next week I take 6, week 3 I take 8 and week 4 I take 10.

    Got a slightly dodgy tummy this morning but I'm hoping the folic acid will suppress the side effects.

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