Recently diagnosed with hip arthritis

I've been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips with the left being very painful. Surgeon has said I'm not in enough pain, or been in pain long enough, to warrant a hip replacement but has suggested a steriod injection. I have been prescribed co-codamol which helps with the pain but I don't really like taking. Any advice in how to manage the pain and remain active would be appreciated


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    Hi @Sunflower5

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    You have just been diagnosed with OA it affects your hips with the left worse than the right.

    Quite often there is a number system between 1 and 5 with 5 being bone on bone and surgery recommended. Sadly the number system doesn't always account for the pain you actually feel. Initial pain relief is the over the counter medications but possibly at a stronger dose.

    You are so right that keeping yourself as mobile as you can is key to you coping well and your hip lasting as long as possible. Steroid injections can be brilliant, I've had then in my knee and shoulder and have found that some work really well and last for months and with others they last less long or even don't seem to work. Other members who have had them will share their stories too, personally I am happy to use them.

    Versus arthritis have developed some online courses which could be great for you, check out this link it's to our online community area list of courses. In the stretching course there are exercises specifically for the hip.

    If you click on the Lets move you can see the discussions, join one or start one to share what you plan to do.

    Here is a link to our hip OA section of the website

    Lastly here is the section on pain management too

    Keep posting, we'd like to see how you are getting on!

    Yvonne x

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