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I have recently been given a new diagnosis of osteoporosis arthritis in several fingers ion both hands. Thankfully for me it doesn't affect any other joints (so far) so I guess I am lucky. I was wondering what people take for pain relief? my gp says I can't take 1000 mg of naproxen indefinetly as although it eases the pain it doesn't help the my fat fingers and they are still swollen.

I work with a keyboard every day and recently its been really hard by the end of the day as the pain is quite bad. My Gp says physio might help but any suggestions welcome from those who have tried different methods.

Reading some posts has made me feel quite lucky as mine is local to my hands only.



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    Hi @CGMan - welcome to the online community!

    I see you have osteoporosis in your fingers on both hands, and while you've been given Naproxen to take for the pain you were wondering if there was anything else you do as after a long day they're still painful. You're also wondering if something could help with the swelling.

    I've had a check, and while you cannot take ibuprofen or other NSAIDs with Naproxen, you can still take paracetamol, and co-codamol in short time periods. I'd certainly start there. You can also enquire with your pharmacist if there is anything you can take, as they have a good understanding of what is safe with your current medications.

    Sadly Naproxen is supposed to help with swelling itself, so if it's not having an effect that's not too helpful. Have you tried temperature treatment? Or raising your hands up and resting them above your heart for a while? Both are supposed to help with swelling. Heat can help with muscle pain, and cold is supposed to help with swelling (do be careful with it on your hands tho). Physio isn't a bad idea, and may people find that a good physio can help you find the right exercise, stretch or manipulation which can have a long term effect on your pain. If you have the option I'd go for it.

    Versus Arthritis has information on hand and wrist issues, I've linked it below. You may want to specifically look at the sections on "Managing Symptoms" and "Working with Hand and Wrist Pain".

    Do please have a look around the rest of the community. Our section on Life with Arthritis is full of different ideas and questions on the different aspects of arthritis. Please do have a look, join in conversations, and ask any questions you may have.

    Lovely to meet you!


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