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15 months ago I had my 1 and only dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and it reacted with the immunosuppression medication I was on at at the time for my psoriatic arthritis. Since then my whole life has turned up side down. I am in constant pain and I have swelling in my feet/ankles/knees/hands/shoulders. I've found out that it's going to be months before I can get an occupational therapist out to see me (huge waiting list) and I'm on a waiting list for help from wheelchair services. Is there any studies being carried out on reactions like this? I'm currently on another trial for another biologic medication called Secukinumab which is aggravating my current state, before this one I was trialled on Etanercept. Prior to this reaction to the vaccine the last time I had had a flare up was late 2018.


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    Hello @Georgiej46 , welcome to the online community,

    Since having your first and only dose of vaccine you have suffered from constant pain and swelling , you feel as though your life has been turned upside down. You are anxious because you have months to wait for an OT assessment and wheelchair services. You ask if there are any studies that describe a similar reaction to yours.




    The last links may provide you with practical support whilst you are waiting for the other service providers. I know the CAB were able to rent a wheelchair to me for a few weeks if this might help you temporarily. I hope some of our members will had experiences that they can share with you. Meanwhile do browse round the community especially the Life with Arthritis section which has all sorts of helpful discussions.

    We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Take care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

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  • Thanks for these links, I've not had much luck in renting out a wheelchair as i need one with specialised seating as I can't bend my legs. I'm feeling very alone with regards to how I've reacted to the vaccine. I don't feel like my rheumatology consultant is listening to me. My life and my children's lives have turned upside down. We've had to move back in with their dad as I am not able to do day to day tasks due to my lack of mobility.

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    Georgie, did you specialist tell you it was safe to have this vaccine, have you logged your side effects on the yellow card system?

    If your immune system is already weak, you wouldnt take a vaccine that would affect your immune system? (my personal opinion)

    You have to keep pestering your rhuematologist, as far as they are concerned you are at the back at the queue, dont take no for an answer. Are you planning on taking more vaccines.

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    poppyjane, how does the link you sent help "the effects of covid 19 on the immune system"? , it is all research, there are no facts, how many years will it be before any findings are realised, it will be years and years, people like Georgie need answers now.

    I for one did not take the vaccine for the same fear, how on earth would I know how a BRAND NEW VACCINE would affect someone who already has an auto immune disease ?