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15 months ago I had my 1 and only dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and it reacted with the immunosuppression medication I was on at at the time for my psoriatic arthritis. Since then my whole life has turned up side down. I am in constant pain and I have swelling in my feet/ankles/knees/hands/shoulders. I've found out that it's going to be months before I can get an occupational therapist out to see me (huge waiting list) and I'm on a waiting list for help from wheelchair services. Is there any studies being carried out on reactions like this? I'm currently on another trial for another biologic medication called Secukinumab which is aggravating my current state, before this one I was trialled on Etanercept. Prior to this reaction to the vaccine the last time I had had a flare up was late 2018.


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    Hi @Georgiej46

    Welcome to the online community,great to see you posting.

    You say that you have had a reaction to the Astrazenica drug with your immunosuppresion drugs and havent got back to where you were before the injection. That is a shame what with the swelling and pain in your Feet,ankles,knees and hands,shoulders you are not having a good time and the wait for occupational Therapy and wheelchair services that is a real headache for you.

    You also ask if any research has been done on reactions like yours,you are also on a trial for Secukinumab.

    I do hope this link helps re pain issues.I havent found any studies that i can reccomend for you at the moment,but if you chat with others on our forums someone might know and help you.

    Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on. Everyone on this forum are very friendly and will always try and help.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi GeorgieJ46,

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) back in 2015 and apart from a few flare ups now and again my medication (Methotrexate) has kept it pretty under control until late last year. I am fully vaccinated against Covid and had my third vaccination (Moderna) in November 2021.

    Since then my RA has been constantly flaring. I am in constant pain with swelling in my wrists, fingers, ankles, insteps, toes, knees and neck. I'm trying to get to see my occupational therapist and hoping to speak to my consultant although I haven't seen them for two years.

    I would also be interested to know if there are any studies or research being done re a possible link between the vaccines and RA.

    I do hope you get some relief from the pain. I know how debilitating it is.

    Take care


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    HI Kerry / GeorgieJ46

    I think I made a valid point of view which was my own regarding having the vaccine and having RA on this thread and for some strange reason it has been removed by Versus arthritis, I am not sure why?

    Would VA care to comment on this?

    As I believe i was offering some sympathetic concern for Georgie?



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    HI Kerry, without causing any offence, again I am interested, if someone already has an auto immune disease why would they take a vaccine that could affect you, is it because your GP said you was in the high vulnerable category and you had to need to take it, like i was asked to in a letter from my GP to me?

    Surely all these questions should have been asked prior to taking vaccine, I am just interested. Was you told your RA could get worse just when you have got it under control?

    You have to fight to be seen, dont just accept a NO from them , otherwise if you dont fight you will be in the back of the queue.



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    @pammi69 your post hasn't disappeared. @Georgia had put up two identical threads and you replied on the other one which is still here.

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    ok thanks, I am awaiting a reply thanks

  • Well the Secukinumab didn't work out for me, it actually aggravated my current state and the side effects on top of that were awful. Now because of this I have now been informed by my employer I'm to lose my job. I got a call last Friday from a member of the Rheumatology team to inform me I've been approved for funding for another drug ( I didn't know they had done this). This one is Tablet form and has only just been approved for psoriatic arthritis patients. It's been around since 2019 for RA sufferers. @pammi69 apologies for my super slow reply. Prior to having the vaccine I had a Rheumatology appointment and was told I may have a reaction but how much of one it would be they didn't know, but they still recommended to have the vaccine due to how serious covid can be. I have 2 young children who I want to see grow up and to be there for them which is why I made the decision to still have the vaccine. However I won't be having anymore covid vaccines. I've also been constantly pestering Rheumatology/GP/Wheelchair services/occupational therapy for help/answers but it's going very slowly. Waiting lists are long. I've applied for the mobility scheme that you can join if you are on the higher rate for PIP (PIP has only just been approved months after my initial application)