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Hi all fellow sufferers.....has anyone had a successful PIP application - I have appealed and now taking it further but they keep responding that I have no points at all yet am really struggling. Any advice or tips appreciated.

thanks for your time..



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    Hi @JC2812

    Welcome to the online community,You say that you have applied for PIPS with out success and want to have a few tips on how to get your application accepted

    If you chat to others on our forums some have had experience with PIPS and will give you some friendly advice.

    All the best Christine

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  • Hi Jane, unfortunately for myself I have found the whole PIP claim process to be very long winded. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have just been told I also have Psoriatic Arthritis. I first applied for PIP in August 2021 and waited until November until I was successful in being awarded the lower part of day to day living. I wasn't happy with that as it is the mobility side I am struggling with so I asked for a mandatory reconsideration. I am waiting for a bilateral knee replacement and I am currently using double crutches in the house and a wheelchair if I venture outside (which is only for hospital appointments and blood tests). I had a hip replacement in February 2020 and was waiting for the opposite side to be done, which happened at the start of February this year. The mandatory reconsideration awarded me the lower part of mobility in March.

    I am still not happy with the decision so am taking them to a tribunal, but i dont holf out s lot of hope. The reason I am appealing is because you need the higher rate of mobility in order to be considered for the motorbility scheme. I am currently unable to drive, have had to move back in with my parents and reduce my hours at work (fortunately I have a great employer and they have found me some desk work I can do from home but only part time I'm afraid). I have to this date been waiting 41 weeks since my initial application. I will update once I get my day in court.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    I'm on my second time applying 1st time refused with no points. I do think it all depends on your assesser fingers crossed for this time.

  • Hi @JC2812,

    I have just gone through this process with my partner; on the first attempt it was rejected and we took it to appeal and was going to go to tribunal. However, we were also told to make a new claim at the same time; we did this and on this application it was successful.

    During the call I used many examples of "in your life, you do not have to think about climbing the stairs, for my partner this is something that takes time and causes pain". In simple things like "getting in and out of the bath you probably would not even thing about what goes into doing this action; but for my partner he has to rely on my to help him". I am not sure if this did make the difference but by putting the scenario back to the assessor and then relaying the challenges and pain experienced, I was hoping that he could see that it was not as simple or as black and white as "yes or no".

    I am keeping everything crossed for you

    with love


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    Morning @JC2812

    I was advised to by CAB I could recieve PIP.

    I was to unwell to apply myself so I contacted my local authority Welfare Rights Team who took on my case and thankfully supported me through the application process. I was granted PIP thankfully.

    Hopefully you have some support service in your area the same or similar??

    Take care @Naomi33

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