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Hi, I have just had the results of a mri and I am shocked to be told I have osteoarthritis. I hurt my back a year ago and saw a chiropractor who told me I had a herniated disc. The pain just worsened and I now have pain in my back , neck and shoulder but worse i have constant tingling in my right arm and loss of grip in my right hand . My gp thinks I have nerve damage in my neck. The doctor who gave me my mri results said all my pain is down to the osteoarthritis. My question is to anyone with osteoarthritis...is this loss of feeling and tightness in my hands normal or could my gp be right in what she says ? I also have joint degeneration and dehydration in my discs. Honestly I feel the mri report may as well have been written in a foreign language and neither doctor is properly explaining to me . I'm just feeling very confused.


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    Hi @Loubie

    Welcome to the online community,thank you for your post.

    You say you have just had the results of your MRI and you are shocked they have diagnosed Osteoarthritis, also you are in a lot of pain which the GP has said it is all down to the Ostoarthritis with loss of grip in your hand and tingling

    down the right arm,aswell as having degeneration and dehydrationin your discs in neck and spine.

    Did your gp offer you Pain control medication? and your GP has not explained your arthritis to you.

    Hopefully the links i am about to give you

    I do hope these links help you and take away the confusion you feel. Please stay in touch and tell us how you get on and do go onto our forums and chat to others you will find everyone here very supportive and friendly as we all suffer from different forms of arthritis.

    All the best and take care Christine

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    Hi Christine ,I have been referred for pain management at the hospital. All I have at the moment is 50mg amitriptyline and they don't work. No one has properly explained my osteoarthritis to me . I thought I was still suffering from a slipped disc and thought I would be going back to work but I can barely move at the moment and the loss of grip in my right hand is preventing me from doing my job .