New hip replacement

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Hi everyone

Finally had my hip replaced on Monday and home on Wednesday after 18 months on the waiting list and a year battling my GP surgery to agree to more x rays and a referral, which they only agreed to after I found a private physio who managed to make them sit up and actually listen. Was dreading it tbh as sent to a private hospital nearly two hours away, although they rung on the Tuesday, pre-op on Wednesday and in on Monday so I didn't have a lot of time to become stressed thank goodness. Not as bad as i anticipated apart from travel sickness to content with and the vomiting and dizziness from the opiates, which never agree with me, it was such a relief they stopped them and at least my head felt as if it belonged to my body before the long trek home!!

Going to take every day as it comes, managed a stand up body wash yesterday and today, sheer bliss. Hating the lovely surgical stockings so have freed my toes today and hoping some kind soul will later peel them off and give these poor legs and feet a lovely wash.

Bruising and swelling started yesterday too.

Going to source an alternative to the raised toilet seat they provided and need a more comfy chair to sit in as the other hip will be done this year too hopefully so will come in handy.

Going to have trawl through the group for hints and tips