Morning All,

I've been back to consultant and they said i had not responded as well as they hoped from steroid injection so they prescribed prednisolone tablets for 3 weeks.

Just reading the side effects which freaking me out a bit, were you ok on them?

Think I'm just over thinking and over reading


  • SausageFingers
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    Well I had them for about 3 weeks about three years ago and they did absolutely nothing to me. I've had more side effects from Fruit Gums.. and just as much help for my condition :D Three weeks of pointlessness.

    But we're all different.

  • Cwils
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    Thanks for reply...mine are for 3 weeks too, was hoping they would help ease until Methotrexate catches up...we will see...started them today...:)


  • stickywicket
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    For most of us with inflammatory forms of arthritis pred is a miracle drug and the danger is it works so well we don't want to stop taking it. However, long term it can do damage so we're better off not getting to like it too much. It's often given shorr term until DMARDS have kicked in. I hope they help you.

  • alexander1
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    I have to say first week it was amazing but then I did have side effects. Hot flushes, pain in ear and right side of face. Sweats.

    I have been put on them for 3 months reducing monthly. 20mg for a month the 15mg and 10mg. Also been put on methotrexate 20mg.

    Have to say looking forward to coming off prednisone as early benefits seem lost 4 weeks in.

    good luck

  • frogmorton
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    3 weeks should be fine longer than that not so great @Cwils

    I have to agree with @stickywicket it can be a bit of a 'miracle drug' for those of us with inflammatory arthritides, people on chemotherapy and now those who have bad COVID.

    Long term though it really isn't great. You shouldn't have time to get a 'moon face' or gain much weight and I suspect will be sorry to stop taking them.

    Best of luck

    Toni x

  • jamieA
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    I was on prednisolone from Nov 2020 to Mar 2021. Unfortunately my PsA coincided with pneumonia on 3 occasions during that time so I was on it on 3 sliding scales then. It made a significant difference to my pain levels and breathing but the consultant at the hospital warned me that it was great at masking the problem but not so good at resolving it. I didn't have any side effects that I noticed.

  • Cwils
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    Ah thanks so much for your support guys I really appreciate it 😊 were right, it's kinda worked wonders and my knee and wrist are pain free at last, but I know it's a mask sadly! I'm only on 2 day of them of 3 a day this week.

    I'm early diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, last blood test revealed numbers still very high, hopefully next appointment will show them come down.

    Thanks again 😊

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