Hip Arithritis


I had my right hip replacement in February and they have done a fantastic job. I was very nervous and worried before the operation, but afterwards felt so grateful and wondered what I was worrying about. The doctors and nurses did a brilliant job in caring for me while in hospital. I also need my left hip replacing and am waiting in line for appointment. My left hip is causing me alot of pain and I feel like crying most days and feel fed up because I can't do much. I recently turned 60. I would like to get on my bike, go swimming, dancing, walk the dog and do exercise for my overall health as well as keep my new right hip exercised, but my left hip pain is preventing me from doing exercise, which is causing me worry because I don't want my overall health to deteriorate. I cannot stand alone on my left leg or put any weight on it and still have to walk with crutches. The pain in my hip goes down to my knee. I have tried leg exercises sitting in a chair for my right hip but my left hip still hinders this.

Because they have done such a fantastic job in replacing my right hip I am looking forward to my turn in having my left hip replaced so that I can have a better future life. Best wishes to every one who is also waiting for their turn to have a replacement, having a hip replacement really makes a difference and if you are worried or nervous try not to be because there is no need to be. I was told this by a lady in a shop before my first replacement and she was right. It really makes a difference.


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    I'm very pleased your first hip op went well. I'm a bit of an ortho junkie - 2 hips and 3 knees but that's spread over many years. I've always regarded exercise(s) as essential and I'm sure that without them I wouldn't be able to cope at all.

    My husband is a relatively new 'hippie' with 2 over the last 3-4 years but, once he got unable to play golf and go for longish walks, he bought an exercise bike. Hated every minute but gradually built up from 3 minutes per day to 2-3 20 min sessions daily.

    Due to the rheumatoid arthritis in my shoulders, elbows and hands, I've never been able to use crutches. They always send me home from the ortho ward with a zimmer which I have to discard as soon as I need a cuppa☺ I just walk round the furniture until I can get outside. Outside, my rollator is a must. Ergonomic handles and no pressure on the shoulders. Mind you, my hands aren't ergonomic😆 so I can only rest them on top. It ensures I don't lean on it though, just use it for balamce.

    I hope you get your other hip soon. Meanwhile do try some of Versus Arthritis's exercises. Your next recovery might be even better. I hope so.

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