Medical cannabis diary: Part 2

Just as an update on progress if anyone is interested I have now provided the pain clinic with:

- My proof of ID (photocopies of my passport, birth certificate, blue badge)

- A full list of medication (Daily tablets for Sulphasalazine, coedine, paracetamol and biweekly Adalimumab injections)

- Proof of chronic pain and my condition (letters from my Rheumatology Consultant outlining diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis)

The next step is a Teams interview with the clinic team running the trials to answer any questions I may have and to ensure I am happy to proceed with the feasability study.

Hopefully I will be able to update again once I have some more news.

Thanks Danny (Rubikscubeboy)


  • KazandNoo
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    Very interesting,please keep us updated.

  • N1gel
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    Yes, do keep us informed please.

  • The feasability study is aimed at a full cross section of society with regard to chronic pain. If successful this will lead to a clinical trial involving 5000+ people. The main barrier at the moment seems to be the cost, up to £300 per month, so the feasability study is to get enough data to justify a clinical trial. Many people self medicate via the black market which is unregulated. By taking some control this will enable a consistent quality of product with known THC/CBD levels.

  • jamieA
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    This is really interesting I'll be watching for updates. Would this preclude you from driving while taking it?

  • That was one of my first questions when I spoke to the clinic and they said I would be provided with proof that I am on medical cannabis if stopped by the police. However, I don't think the insurance company would be happy and I expect I would be liable if in an accident so not worth the risk. Lots of medicine warns against driving and operating heavy machinery if feeling drowsy. From the research I have done myself I doubt I would want to drive as this is whole flower cannabis so will contain THC. At the minute I am unable to drive anyway as recovering from a full hip replacement and waiting on bilateral knee replacements. I'm currently working from home anyway and have applied for 'access to work' for when I return to the office. Hope this helps.