Thermography / nail fold capillaroscopy

Anyone had any experience of these tests?

I Have been referred by my Rheumatologist, in relation to my yet undiagnosed finger swelling, tendon pain, raynauds, finger rash and nailfold changes, various colour/temperature changes (circulation seems up the wall too, extreme reactions to either cool or warm temperatures.



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    Yep, arthritis is just like cancer, it's the gift that keeps on giving. I hope you have some answers soon AndyT

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    I'd never hward of it but this looks encouraging. [Link removed by moderator]

    I hope you get some results.

    Hi @stickywicket - I'm sorry but I've had to remove the link as it was directly to a product, and this is something we don't allow in our community guidelines.

    Shell H, Mod

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    Hi there,

    I see you are having tests,, it sounds like to diagnose Raynauds. I have this and I saw the link Stickywicket has included - I wish these tests had been more commonplace when I was diagnosed. They both are non invasive so should be quite easy to have and they will show up what is going on to cause your symptoms.

    I experienced thermal imaging way back in 2000 at the Millenium Dome, do you remember when it first opened it was a sort of science fair? I went along with a group of children and was stunned at the difference between my images and the children's. Luckily we all had a laugh but afterwards I was a bit shocked.

    Anyway, go for the test and then come back and let us know how it went


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