Osteoarthritis of the feet

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Hi not posted for about a year. Have Osteoarthritis of the knees for over 10 years. Recent diagnosis of the feet although I knew what it was! Hope to get & offer support on here. I hope I've posted in the right place! 🙂


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    Hi @Cat29 welcome to the Online Community. I have taken the liberty of moving your post from your profile Activity Wall and posting it here in Living With Arthritis.

    "Hi not posted for about a year."

    This seems to be your first post with this account: do you have another one that we can return to you? 😀

    With such a long experience with osteoarthritis, you will know what to expect. However, you may find some of the information on our web site useful with your recent diagnosis:

    Do join in across the Online Community, you will be most welcome.

    All best wishes


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    Thanks. I have no idea why I've not posted for so long! Need to re-refresh myself in getting around the site. I joined the Nuffield Health 12 week Joint Pain Programme in May 2021 & it helped loads but I have fallen off the wagon on & off for around 6 months & it seems as if I'm again in a vicious cycle although when I do exercise I really enjoy it & find it beneficial. Winter weight gain hasn't helped. I get SO bogged down at times but try & keep positive. I hope to gain a bit of morale support here. Thanks.

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    So sorry to hear about the OA in your feet. Don’t know what your mobility is like in general but if you are able to walk OK, perhaps a referral to the hospital podiatry service might help. I was given orthotics a few years ago after X ray diagnosis of OA in feet and they did help a lot at the beginning. I’ve given up all thoughts of wearing heels ever again though! I have gel insoles (Sidas, from decent outdoor shop) in my walking boots (which are very firm and supportive and fit well) and fortunately can walk miles in them although my ordinary flat lace up shoes are not as supportive even with orthotics, so can’t walk 10 mins in them without some pain now. May have to start wearing walking boots in the office 😁. Think this shows that footwear is really important. Hope you find something that helps.