I'm new to this site.

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I've stumbled upon this site and joined up straight away. I haven't looked around much but am hoping to find similar souls to myself who have lived with arthritis for some years.

I haven't been diagnosed but it's very clear what I have...both parents and my brother all are afflicted. I did once go to the drs as my knees were really sore and inflamed. This was years ago and I was told to take paracetamol!

Years later, I've managed to get some co codamil for bad pain days. But no repeat prescription. There seems to me to be nothing between useless tablets and new knees and I absolutely don't want the latter! Creams are also useless and am just wondering where the arthritic research is actually headed? Do we know anything definitive about it - treatment wise that we didn't know years ago? Surely we must?

I think that's what I'm looking for...a path that's other than a major operation. My son has just bought me something called MSM...anyone using it out there? I suppose my immediate question about it would be...if it is so wonderful why is it not issued by GPs?

But I'll give it a go I think...there seems to be nothing else...though I will listen to anybody who has found some thing that helps one to live with arthritis.

Here's hoping!