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Hi there I'm 53 and live in Wiltshire. I have quite severe fibromyalgia and am unable to work. I do yoga/ stretching exercises every day to get my body moving. Unfortunately I developed oesteoarthritus in my right knee which I have been managing ok but now my knee keeps giving way when I go upstairs. It's only painful when I use the stairs? Should I talk to my doctor as I can't carry on like this.


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    Hi Alihud53

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum. Please take a look around the other forums as there might be other members that are going through the same experiences as you.

    I have attached a link regarding Fibromyalgia, I really hope there is something in there that might be able to help you and give you more tips regarding the illness.

    I have also attached a link regarding osteoarthritis of the knee. In that link it says about the treatment, symptoms, and ways to help you. Some members might have some exercises that might help your knee to regain a bit more strength.

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    Hi Alihud53

    I too have Osteoarthritis in my right knee and one of the symptoms I had was that my knee kept giving way when out walking and at home. After seeing my Doctor he referred me to have physio sessions. It took a while to get my first session and I was given tailor made exercises to do. It has been about 6 months since I started them, but they do appear to be helping as my knee does not give way like it used to do. I would definitely talk to your Doctor and get him/her to refer you to Physio. The thing is you have to keep doing the physio to get any benefits ( I try and do mine most days ). Anyway, good luck and take care.🙂