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Does anyone have any experience with the use of a product from USA called 'Heal-n-SOOTHE' which is described as a 'Systemic Enzyme Formula'? I am particularly referring to its use in conjunction with NHS prescribed medication.




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    Dear @MalcolmC1954

    Welcome to the Online Community. It would be helpful if you gave us a bit of information about yourself, what type of arthritis you have and any issues that causes for you.

    You are looking for information on an over the counter type of medication. Firstly as you are on medication already you need to check with your medication provider to see if there are any interactions between them. At least check with your chemist although I cannot find it advertised on any chemist's website they may not have any stock to compare.

    Here is our information on alternate medications and procedures

    We, members and staff on here aren't medically trained and so cannot offer any opinion on specific medications at all. We can say what has happened to us but do bear in mind that different people can react in different ways to medications.

    Do have a look around the various discussions and join in where you are comfortable

    Take care


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    Hi @MalcolmC1954

    What have you found out about the treatment you were investigating? Did the pharmacy help you out at all? I do hope they did, it's so much quicker than trying to get an appointment with a GP at the moment.

    I heard about capsaicin cream on here and have got a prescription for it so I can try it out for myself. I felt OK as it was the GP giving it to me. I have found it does work well, I'm hoping I will be able to reduce some of my medications by using it. I haven't worked out yet how painful it is compared to when I use it, I think I am going to try out using it before exercise which is usually painful for me and use it when the pain is really bad to see what the results are. Check out the link above and let me know what you think.