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Morning all , I am currently waiting for an MRI to discover the progress of oesteoarthritis in the hips that was first diagnosed in its early stages many years ago , having gone through many prescription only painkillers over the years my GP has now decided it’s time to investigate further ! What I would like to ask of this community is has anyone experienced a numbness in the lower legs and feet as a result of this condition as this is a new and worrying sensation for me although I have read it can be part of the progress of OA , many thanks for reading this .


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    Hi @Sparrow1

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum.

    You have OA in your hips and await the results of an MRI. You have numbness in the lower legs and feet and would like to know if any forum members have also experienced similar symptoms.

    Looking for past discussions on the forum where people have experienced numbness there are unfortunately no recent posts but here’s one that may help albeit from some time ago:

    Some of these older discussions suggest that the cause may be unrelated to arthritis.

    In case you haven’t visited our website, here’s a link to OA in the hips:

    I hope that you receive some useful feedback from forum members and that your MRI results help shed some light on the numbness.

    Please do have a look around the rest of the community and see if there are any tips for you, maybe in the Living in Arthritis area. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Hi there @Sparrow1

    How are you getting along? It sounds like the MRI scan is exactly what you need to find out what is going onwith the numbness. What a good discussion mod Chris found.

    Do make sure you give us an update when you can