Positive LFT

Felt rough last night - and had a new cough. Did a LFT (which was positive) so phoned 111 (as I'm now on 25mg methotrexate). I've now got a message from my GP with an in-person appointment booked for this evening. Was thinking it would be a phone appointment - so surprised (and a bit worried) that they want to see me in person...


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    Hi @JenHB

    I think there was a change to the way patients suitable for covid antiviral treatments are assessed. I came across this letter sent to GPs in England regarding how assessment take place. If you look at the page 7 flowchart it appears that the GP has to test your blood oxygen saturation to check.


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    although the GP phoned me a couple of hours ago and said that 'yes, I can have antivirals, but that's arranged nationally so you need to phone 119'. Phoned 119, and they told me to phone 111. Now awaiting a call back from 111....

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    Ih no I do hope you do ok @JenHB

    I wish you all the very best do let us know how you are getting on ((()))

    Toni xx

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    phew, had a call back yesterday evening from 111 - who passed my details through to the CMDU (covid medicines distribution unit). Had a call about 8.30 this morning who were able to sort out a course of antivirals (Paxlovid) for me. Was called mid-afternoon telling me that they were ready for collection and a friend collected them for me (note to others - covid antivirals from 111 go through a different system than other 111 prescriptions!). Can start treatment this evening - 3 large tablets to take twice a day. Hopefully these help - as been feeling more rough today and spent some of the day napping. Interestingly, I've noticed (according to my garmin watch which has an inbuilt heart rate monitor (so it;s measured at the wrist) that my resting heart rate has been about 20 bpm higher than my 'normal' for the rest of the month (which was around 67bpm). Before anyone gets worried, if it wasn't for the watch I wouldn't even be aware of this! I'm so glad I still had a stash of LFTs

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    I often notice I am 'coming down with something' as my RHR goes up on my fitbit @JenHB

    Interesting isn't it?

    Anyway best of luck and hope you get well soon.💐

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    Very odd - had antivirals which stopped the cough very quickly. I did a few lfts and had a very faint line last Saturday and then clear on Sunday. Did another one yesterday as I was meant to be going and staying with friends and surprised when a very definite T line came up very quickly - only symptom is a very runny nose. Although I was in work (and doing shorter days) last week I was wearing a facemask . Anyone else had this?

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    Hi JenB

    As per my other post, I’ve just started on Paxlovid antivirals. I understand about 20% taking Paxlovid have a ‘bounceback’ which is where covid comes back but they’re unsure why. Apparently President Biden had the same thing. They don’t think it’s a re infection but that your body hadn’t totally got rid of the covid.

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    @JenB yes, catching the virus is unique as you get the chance to see how it operates for real. On day 1 I was in work with the sniffles and fiddled with someone's stuff on their desk not knowing I had COVID. Guess what. They came down with COVID too. It's highly infectious. I don't think a mask would have protected them in that case. The LFT test I thought was incredibly sensitive, it came up positive within a few minutes on day 1 so I stopped home and wish I had tested earlier, on day 8 I still had a feint line and was very tempted to go back to the office but decided against it, and went in to collect my kit to work from home instead. I was turned down for anti virals, but it did cross my mind to ask again but I was too whacked out. I'm going back to the office day 23 rather tired, with a terrible cough, and my Mrs with a Cough, shortness of breath, and impaired hearing. My sense of smell is back, but I have also tested negative two weekends and my Mrs is somewhat better and tested negative too.