Are there any government benefits/exemption certificates if you have RA that can be applied for?

I have been ill for several years and gradually lost my career due to the fatigue and pain I have suffered. I was finally diagnosed with RA in the last few months. I have not applied for benefits as you need to be able to work to claim universal credit. Someone mentioned to me that I should be considered disabled and maybe there are benefits available or at least prescription exemptions. Do you have any advice please?


  • Hi Grom,

    Thank you for posting on our helpline forum, I am sorry to hear that due to the pain and fatigue you have had to stop working, this must be hugely challenging time for you to say the least.

    Arthritis isn’t one of the conditions that is automatically considered as a disability under the 2010 disability and equality act but, it might be treated as such, depending on how it affects your daily life which from your message it sounds like it does.

    Because at Versus arthritis we are not benefit trained, we always suggest that you do this with someone who has various knowledge about this subject. Citizens Advice are the people to get in touch with and you could also ask them about help with the cost of your prescriptions too, they are also normally happy to help you fill out the forms as well.

    Other ways of finding out what you could be entitled to would be an organisation called Turn2us, on their website there is a benefit calculator where you would be able to input you details and find out what you could be entitled to.


    Best wishes


    Helpline Advisor