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Hi I was out and the wind was chilly had my hands in my pocket, my right is badly deformed due to the inflammatory arthritis I got 9 month ago. This hand had gone completely blue but warmed up in the car. Has anyone else had this, I have sent a message via mychart to the Rheumatology team but they are very slow if they answer at all. I now have gloves with me at all times.


  • jamieA
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    I used to be someone who enjoyed being cooler as I overheated easily. However when I first became ill with psoriatic arthritis in late 2020 I also became very cold. Whilst my PsA is now pretty stable I still suffer from cold hands and feet. I'm wearing thermal socks in June! I also wear compression gloves during waking hours. I raised it with the rheumatologist I saw in February and he seemed to say it was a relatively common occurrence with inflammatory arthritis shutting down small blood vessels in you hands and feet.

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    I'm sure @jamieA is right but i think whit e/blue fingers can be caused by other things too and, as yours seems quite an extreme case, I would personally get it checked out by my GP or practice nurse.

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    Thanks, had not though of getting compression gloves, its very expensive having arthritis. I have sent a message via my chart, we wait to see if and when they reply. Its not a good time to have any illiness.