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Hello everyone. I have been struggling with this disease for over a year now / I’ve been on Sulfasalazine- which didn’t work - now on methotrexate 15mg which also isn’t working. Have been doing a lot of research about diet and The Clint Pattison programme keeps popping up. Does anyone have first hand experience of this - and if so does it work? Thank you in advance 🤗


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    I don't have any experience of the Paddison Programme. I gave up on so-called diets for arthritis many years ago. If they worked we'd all be cured by now. As far as I'm concerned just take the DMARDS (You're on a relatively low dose of one. Many of us need higher doses of two or even three to dampen down our rampant immune systems.) eat a sensible diet with no junk (OK, just a little junk😀) and do the exercises.

    There's no cure and don't trust anyone who tells you there is. We just learn to live with it and we can learn to live very well with it. I hope you do.

    This is the most sensible independent review of the Paddison Programme that I've come across.

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    My daughter sent me an article from The Times newspaper on 28 May of an interview with the TV presenter Kirsty Young. Unfortunately I think it's behind a paywall - but my daughter was able to let me see it. Kirsty Young discussed her rheumatoid arthritis with secondary fibromyalgia in the article. She said she was now off most of her medication and referred to her gut biome and 'nurturing the good bacteria in her gut, therapeutic yoga and meditation' as what she practices now.

    I've got to say I'm extremely sceptical of these types of claims - if this was the fix we'd surely know about it by now.

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    I started on 15mg MTX in March, and then last month it was increased to 20mg for 2 weeks and I'm now on 25mg. I'm hoping that manages to put a lid on it - but I'm aware that a lot of people on here seem to be on MTX + something

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    Thank you all for your comments - I did think it was too good to be true. JenHB I’ll be interested to know if the higher dose works for you 🤗 🤞🏼