Total knee replacement and anaesthetic/meds?

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Hello everyone, I had a TKR on 23rd May - so not quite two weeks ago. I think I'm doing pretty well now but had a difficult time with meds in hospital and wondered if anyone else had the same experience? I had an epidural and sedation, it worked fine of course and was not painful when they gave me the epidural. However, after the op and for the whole of the night following the op I vomited continuously. I also got (and so did several others) severe skin itching which started on my face and travelled down my torso and lasted for about three days. Does anyone know what this was likely to have been a reaction to? The (private) hospital was very attentive but struggled to find any pain killers I could tolerate, which didn't make me sick or conk out immediately - so no opioids. I've been sent home with paracetamol, ibuprofen and Codeine 15 mg. I'm managing ok but could really do with more pain relief. My neighbour has given me some co-codemol which works better for me but healthcare profs didn't seem to want to give me co-codemol at the hospital - why is that?

Anyway...doing fine now but would like to know for the future what I am reacting to so I don't have it again, it was horrible for the first couple of days.