Problems with a private company delivering medication

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Anyone had experience of getting - or rather NOT getting meds from a private company whose name begins with S? They are impossible to contact, their App does not work, and they don't answer the phone or emails. Why the NHS has contracted out to them is beyond me. Is there any way round the problems?



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    I'd get on to my rheumatologist and let them know the trouble you're having. You can't go without essential medication!!

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    😕 this does not fill me with confidence at all as I am awaiting a call about 1st delivery of cimzia which I am due 2 go on, I was told 3 wks wait from the nurse I had a chat 2 about it, I really hope I'm not waiting months, I can't, I'm in agony every morning when I wake up.

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    @Aberjonest I'm so sorry to hear you are having this nightmare with Sciensus too. I posted on Instagram about it and two people got in touch and said they hadn't had problems, but I have heard of far more people who have! I think you've read my post about them, they basically lied about calling me several times, cancelled a delivery and didn't bother to tell me, couldn't find me on the system, gave me the wrong delivery slot.... but hallelujah, after days of this nonsense, and after cancelling almost all of my work for the day to wait in for the delivery and the nurse, it actually arrived. Their only cock-up on the day was that they didn't bring a sharps box, they sent that separately days later for some reason.

    I was cursing privatisation after this experience with Sciensus and then I had even MORE of a nightmare trying to get my methotrexate from the NHS... which I am HOPEFULLY going to pick up tomorrow, 8 days late for my dose, but I don't quite believe that's going to happen either. So I have every sympathy, it's horrible not being able to trust these companies that have so much power and control over us. I hope you can take some comfort from the fact that I did, somehow, eventually get through to them and my medication is now in my body! I even got a text with a date for my next delivery in a few weeks' time, so I'm hoping it's going to be easier from then on.

    @loopylou I hope you hear something from them soon. I was told 2-4 weeks by the nurse and I waited 5, then another week or so of back and forth with them. I read about so many dreadful experiences with them and I was just despairing. However, they hugely surprised me by actually turning up with my medication in the end.

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    Logged on just now in order to write a post about this very same issue.

    They are proving extremely difficult to contact.

    In the last week I’ve spent 2 x 30 mins in a queue on the phone - hung up eventually

    Every time they’ve attempted to call me in the past, the phone rings twice and then cuts off. That does not allow time to get there and answer it!

    An email I sent them a week ago still hasn’t been answered, beyond the automated response

    The live-chat function has disappeared - which is a pity because it did work quite well - and the new app isn’t yet up and running

    I eventually found a contact form on the old company app - the one beginning with H - and have requested a call back on that. Not holding my breath!

    Have also messaged them via Twitter - again, not holding my breath for a quick response.

    I think I’ll be contacting the hospital to let them know of the difficulties with their contractor. And I’ll also be contacting CQC, the Care Quality Commission, to let them know of the issues.

    Not sure if there are teething problems re the change from H to S - or maybe they’re short staffed like everyone else - but we rely on them to deliver our important and heavy-duty meds so I hope they get things a bit better organised v soon

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    @CuriousSquirrel so do I, I called the rhuemy helpline again on thurs the woman on the other end was more helpful than the last 1 I spoke 2 when I called, she was just rude. The woman this time made notes (I cud hear her tapping away on her keyboard) and sent it off 2 the rhuemy nurses with a note 2 call me. They did fri at 2:35, 5 mins after I left my house 2 go 2 work so I missed the call, voicemail was left, no number and as it was a private number I cudnt call back so currently still waiting on then 2 call me back. Knowing my luck it will b at 9:05 mon am when I am just driving home from work.

    I just want answers as the 3wks is up now.

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    @Aberjonest greetings, I work as a customer support technician. If the app doesn't work try the website. I have taken a quick look at the site. Use the menu hamburger if your on a smartphone and navigate to Help | Delivery tracker. The tracker looks like a good place to start.

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    I had the same problem with them, they take almost 4wks to deliver my injection. They claimed that they could not find the prescription that the hospital sent them. They gave me the complete run around

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    Apologies for the Hijack everyone I just wanted to welcome @Cassandra66_ to the Online Community.

    Cassadra66 it's lovely to see a new member ploughing straight in like you have and supporting others. I suspect you will have plenty of other experience you can share with our members.

    Please do introduce yourself if you wish to in Say Hello, but if not do have a look around the rest of the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable you are sure to get a warm welcome.

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    My latest update is that I did get a response, but only by using Twitter (tag the company name and your local NHS trust) , and follow up using the email address. I also managed eventually to get onto the App - again, no response initially from the general email address (or IT email address), but after Tweeting, had a successful response. However - the app is not always reliable - I get ' connection lost' on many occasions, so have to log out and log back in. I also have to wait at least 45 mins on hold to get anyone to answer the phone. The nurse who visited me (twice) was really helpful and professional, but I have to ask whether it is value for money for someone to travel for over 2.5 hrs each way to visit (twice) for 30 mins when I know how to inject (I have been using Methotrexate for over 2 years). So - my advice is, don't suffer poor service in silence - get on Twitter and make your views known.