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Hi everyone

I have OA in both thumbs but the left is much worse. I've had 2 steroid injections in the left one, the second guided by ultrasound. Both helped for about 6 months. The latter has recently worn off and the pain is back and how!

I tried exercises years ago but they were too painful and the consultant feels they don't help anyway. He may offer me another injection but the only other alternative is surgery and he feels I'm not incapacitated enough for that. I'm not keen either, especially as it may not help.

Painkillers don't help. Ice doesn't help.

It's really getting to me as the pain relief from the injection was so good and now the pain is really bad again. I feel so useless - can't even wash and dry dishes without pain.

Any ideas what I can do next?

Sorry to go on so much.


  • Tom
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    Hi, @srg100 and welcome to the forum. There is no need to apologise – the forum is a friendly and supportive environment where we all aim to help each other.

    I see that you have had problems with your thumbs, the left in particular, over a number of years and that the second steroid injection is now wearing off. Exercise you have found too painful and surgery is not yet an option.

    Here is a link to some general tips on living with arthritis:

    When I I had a flare effecting my hands, I would place the wet item on a tea towel spread on a work surface. Moderate pressure held it still and a second teat towel held in the better hand dealt with the wet bits.

    I hope that the community will have other ideas to help.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Tom, Moderator.

  • srg100
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    Thanks Tom for the information and your tip. I'll give that a try.

    I actually felt better after posting my query and getting my frustration off my chest : )