I had a consultation with my new rheumatology consultant today. She thinks the Amgevita I am currently on may be waning in its efficacy. I'm significantly better than before - I'd reckon that if my worst state last June before being put on Amgevita was a 10/10 then I'm currently on 1/10 to 2/10. She thinks I should be better than that. She's suggested that it may be better to move me to Secukinumab and is going to organise testing to ensure I'm suitable. I've spent the afternoon reading up on Secukinumab and I'm looking for some real life views so if anyone on this biologic could let me know their views I'd appreciate it. One thing that concerns me is that it appears there is a known possible side effect of sinusitis. I've suffered sinusitis all my adult life - I've had my sinuses 'scraped' - yes that's a technical medical term - and something I wouldn't wish on anyone. As well as that I used to be a 'fainter' due to the sinuses in my neck swelling and putting pressure on my carotid artery and nerve causing me to faint.

So if anyone on Secukinumab is happy to respond with their views I'd appreciate this.


  • Glenm27
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    Hi JamieA, I've been on secukinumab for a few years now, and I find it has helped a lot.

    I used to suffer with sinusitis problems (to the extent that I severely damaged them trying to clear them with an over the counter decongestant!)

    However since starting secukinumab, I only have a very occasional stuffiness which I always clear with a steam or two.

    It's worth a try, I was worried it would cause problems but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. (I always wondered if it's due to the fact it targets inflammation, so in turn your sinuses benefit too?)

    Good luck what ever you decide.

  • ChrisR
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    Hi, I’m new to this group… but not arthritis

    suffering with psa now for 40+ years, originally misdiagnosed as Reiters Syndrome.

    methotrexate for approx 25 + years (inj currently at 25mg was 20mg), zero side effects.

    started Secukinumab 300mg approx 3 months ago after been on Etenercept for approx 16 years, which had been life changing but appeared to lose its effect after a long term flare up of approx 18 months. ESR and CRP markers had been elevated (significantly) during this period.

    I’ve currently shown no side effects from Secukinumab.

    I’d be very interested to hear how long I should wait for the Secukinumab to show any signs of improvement ?

    I’m finding many of the articles on this forum of great interest - thank you

  • jamieA
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    Hi @ChrisR

    I can't comment on Seukinmab as I'm still on Amgevita. My rheumatologist had a set of blood tests done on me to show whether my system was generating antibodies to Amgevita but that wasn't the case.

    I hope you get stable soon.