Sudden deterioration in Osteoarthritis

AliceN Member Posts: 2

Hi I’m new member. I was diagnosed with ‘mild’ arthritis a few years ago. My right hand has a arthritic index finger, also in other joints. Hip, ankle problems are mild, but most recently knees are very painful. After a short trip away, with lots of slow walking, my knee swelled up enormously, with pain behind the joint and made walking even a short distance impossible. My GP diagnosed a Baker’s Cyst (over the phone 😳). I’m feeling quite depressed about it all at the moment.

Only help so far from doctor was Naproxen. Haven’t seen a Consultant yet at all, and only had an x-ray diagnosis. Apparently that doesn’t show up tissue damage and I need an MRI for this?

Sorry to moan, but feeling low as pain and stiffness in knees has suddenly made me unable to walk.


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