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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to know if you use a keyboard and mouse, what type do you use? I have an ergonomic microsoft keyboard, but my mouse dexterity is rapidly deteriorating, so I'm after ideas please for a mouse that is comfortable.


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    I can't help on a personal level. Can't use mouses/mice (either variety?). OK with two fingers on a bogstandard desktop keyboard, not good on a laptop keyboard, even worse o a tablet touch keyboard and totally unintelligible on my mobile.


    The NRAS has an excellent page on it. Try here

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    Have you tried going to your computers accessibility settings and altering the speed your mouse reacts to your movement?

    I use a laptop with a trackpad and brushing the pad as I typed would send the cursor all over the place driving me mad so I went to the accessibility settings and found a setting that switched off the trackpad when a mouse was in use.

    It's a good bet that someone else will have had the same problems as you and they've come up with a solution.

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    Leaning over a mouse is the worst possible thing for your shoulders. If its quiet enough, try turning on the voice control. The Mac has it slightly better sorted than Microsoft. Im going to post this comment by saying 'wake up' 'show numbers' 'seventy seven' 'go to sleep', I could also move the mouse to the button and say 'click'. (on Microsoft its about the same except 'mouse click')

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    I find trackballs are a lot better than mice, touch pads or joysticks. Not many people seem to use trackballs so maybe I'm unusual?

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    Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to respond. I can't do voice commands, because I don't have a mic, but I have asked HR to bring in Occupational Health, to see what they can advise in terms of making my work day a bit easier. I may end up with a headset and mic once they have seen me, since typing is becoming more and more difficult. Thank you again everyone,