Hot, hot, hot . . . . .

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. . . Just a wee reminder that you may need to put meds in the fridge now that temperatures are climbing.

Most meds need to be kept under 25c - check the box leaflet and see what it says about temperatures.

I’ve just put my methotrexate syringes in the fridge, alongside the Benepali which lives there anyway.

Hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather - though I prefer it about 10 degrees cooler, being a Scottish transplant.

It’s 30c here outside and 27c inside - and I am melting


  • Moira
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    I love the heat and so do my bones - so long as it's not humid too. Mind you as a Scot who lived for a number of years in West Africa .................

    I'd rather have the heat than rain. But then I now live in wet Wales.

    Yes, I agree about meds. With climate change we need to be aware of temps and meds.

    Thank you VA for all the😍 help you give us.