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Hi, I just read a post by someone who uses Duolingo to learn Welsh - it is free initially - there are lots of learning sites online that do language learning as well as a host of other things too.

Anyway so do I and it was such a surprise finding that out @Moira was doing the same that I thought I'd start a discussion to find out what others were doing.



  • Ellen
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    I got teach yourself audiobook to brush up on my French a few years ago.

    It was amazing how well it all came back and what fun it was @YvonneH


  • Moira
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    Bore da. Diolch Yvonne.

    My Welsh keeps me sane - was I ever sane.......................!!

    Now I'm retired I need to keep my grey cells going as well as using VA exercises to exercise my creaky old joints.

    Duo-lingo is brilliant, so any language folks want to learn go there. They have a huge selection to choose form.

    Now you can also join on-line classes for Welsh with "dysgucymraeg.cymru" which is run by the Welsh Government and Universities. I have weekly lessons and we have folks here in Wales, England and all over.

    Good luck folks with language learning, keeps our brains fit even if the joints creak and groan.