Mid foot pain

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Hi. I have OA in several joints: knees, fingers, wrists, and presumably also in my feet. My question is concerning my foot. I have pain in mid foot area and a specific area which hurts when I press on it. Sometimes it is painful to walk, and sometimes it is painful at night and stops me sleeping. Should my foot be x-rayed? My GP says it is OA, based on the fact that I have it in other joints. Could it potentially be a hairline fracture? Also, if it is OA, would cortisone injections help? I had them in my knee with great benefit. My GP tells me they are not useful or effective in the foot and can even cause more damage. I am trying to walk more and to lose weight in preparation for a possible knee replacement which I will have to source privately. The foot pain is hampering me however. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.