Remedies for knee osteoarthritis


Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me what other remedies they are using for knee osteoarthritis please. I don't want to keep taking tablets and wondered if there is anything else I could try. Thanks


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    Hi @catwoman I have knee osteoarthritis. I am on zomorph and amatriptaline for pain. They don't get rid of the pain totally, they just take the edge off. I also use knee braces, ice packs, hot water bottles. I bought a full length body pillow which helps at bed time to get comfortable. I also find elevating my legs during the day helps sometimes. Also gentle exercise is important for strength and range of motion of the knees. Maybe a good idea to go to a physiotherapist for exercise advice. Hope this helps

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    If you send me a PM I'm happy to share details about a trial that I am taking part in for Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain.

    Please note that this is not supported by Versus Arthritis and I am unable to post details on this site.

    All legal and above board.

    Cheers Danny