Covid and R.A.

I am in slow recovery from Covid, having been on the Old shielding list and avoided it. We haven't changed our behaviour but somehow we got it.

Having R A has made it all more difficult. I had different answers to should I stop Methotrexate. I was supposed to be told yes luckily I had decided to stop metho. I eventually heard yes, stop until you are clear and ir feeling well again.

So my start of metho. Is on hold meaning my first 3 months has been disrupted!

Don't drop your guard, this Covid is awful. I was positive for 12 days and am slowly recovering. Despite antibodies given by I. V. at home it is going to take time.

I kept trying the local R.A support service but never had the phone answered.

Panic is not my message, just take care and don't get complacent. 🙂


  • Iggypop
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    Hi sorry to hear you got covid how do you arrange for iv at home? I’ve been told if I test positive to stop all meds and ring a number but I’m not sure what for ? Antivirals maybe? I’m testing this week as I’ve been in contact with a friend who tested positive on Monday really scared tbh !