Over the time that my arthritic left knee has been playing up I’ve had an increasing amount of pain down through my left buttock and thigh. In some ways this has proved more painful than the knee especially at night when I just can’t get comfy. I’m told it is sciatica stemming from my back where I also have degeneration. Unlike my knee though which can be replaced there is nothing I am told can be done for my back. I do all the exercises suggested and am actually pretty supple but am feeling somewhat desperate that the sciatic pain looks like forever,

Just having a moan really as I would like a night when I’m not tossing and turning finding somewhere comfortable to lie, which proves impossible.

Anyone else have sciatica pain and any suggestions about how to cope?


  • crinkly
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    Hello nicholaj

    You are not moaning at all - the pain and disability of sciatica are among the most debilitating features of degenerative condition when narrowing gaps between vertebrae or developing bone spurs impinge on the spinal nerves.

    I also have dodgy knees (among other affected joints) plus long-standing spinal OA that causes periodic bouts of sciatica which I have come to dread. The pain is really awful and much of the time I can't weight bear without the help of crutches, need to use a stairlift and endure nights of disrupted sleep. Thankfully I am OK sitting in certain chairs so become sedentary and generally unsociable! There is never any indication of how long an attack will last and mine have continued for several months.

    Quite frequently I am aware of the sciatica 'hovering' and threatening to attack, with my whole leg becoming sore to touch and feeling as though the muscles are on the verge of cramp. That sort of muscle spasm usually arises as a natural attempt to protect the unjured/affected joint so when severe sciatica recently set in I used a Fascial Gun to massage the painful area - from lower back to ankle. To my great surprise the sciatica resolved itself after ten days and I was immediately able to resume normal activities.

    I cannot be certain that the 'gun' actually relieved the sciatica but it helped relax tight muscles and I will definitely test the possibility if I am in the same situation again.

    I do hope your present attack doesn't last much longer and that you are able to find some comfortable positions while it is making its presence known - even if you have to spend the night in a chair rather than in bed.

    If it helps to moan this a good place to do just that as you are among others who have experienced similar things so know what it feels like and moan loudly themselves at times!

  • nicholaj
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    Many thanks for this really helpful post which describes the effects of sciatica so well. Sometimes it feels like my muscles have gone into cramp so may well try to acquire one of those guns you talk about.

    I will also make an appointment with my physio who understands the impact of OA on various places so well. She massages the effected part of the leg and helps releases some of the muscle tension.

  • Susan69
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    I have had sciatica several times too it's awful.

    I use co-codamol but you're only meant to take it for a short time so sometimes it comes back after I stopped .

    Have tried the sciaticalm device, various massagers and herbal based creams (allergic to Ibuprofen so can't take that at all), tried bioflow bracelets, laying on ice packs and allsorts just to get a tiny amount of relief!