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Hi everyone,

it is the first time I wrote here, i ve been diagnosed for AR four months ago, and after a lot of proves I have an appointment next Thursday to start the treatment, I can’t wait to start the treatment because I don’t have energy for a long time ago , I loved dance and in this moment of my life I don’t have energy for that. I am from Spain and I still I have my boyfriend I am feeling alone in this moments of my life with AR because the people didn’t notice nothing outside but inside I live every day with painful . To find this group I think i will help me to understand more about AR.

thanks group



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    Hello @Olga

    I hope you are feeling OK this morning, I know still painful but with the prospect of things improving with your treatment starting.

    I'm not quite sure what type of arthritis you have, that's OK, they all have symptoms of extreme tiredness and pain and those we do know about.

    Here is our information on fatigue

    and on managing pain

    You will find it can take a little while for your meds to build up enough to make a difference but stick with it and remember to be nice to yourself - if you had broken an arm you would take care of it - this is more than that.

    Are you talking to your family about having arthritis? It's easier for them to understand and help if they know what is going on - here is one person's story - you will need to scroll down to find it, it's Keri's story

    Please keep posting, if you can share what you find difficult we can help you to find ways to overcome it


    Take care