Does arthritis move around our bodies

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Good Morning

This is my first post.

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 3 years ago, then it was only in my left hip.Today it is in my neck, feet, fingers. I regularly go for a walk with my dog Ruby, and do the exercises as shown in the videos(They are a great help) 2 days ago I had a flare up in my neck, the pain was so bad I felt sick. My doctor has prescribed Naproxen for me to take along with the Cocodamol 30 I regularly take. I have an hiatus hernia the painkillers play he'll with it(I also take pantoprazole for my hernia) C O.P.D. and anxiety, depression also. I only try to take my painkillers when the pain is really bad, because the upset it causes my hernia.

I have just started gardening, it helps my mind and body.I recently bought English Lavender plants mainly to help control the flies in my house lol. They are getting like triffids, time for me to plant them in my garden.

Have a good day everyone.