Is rhuematoid arthritis classed as a disibility?

Hi I was wondering if anyone can enlighten me. Iv had some time off work(Im a carer in a local council residential home). I was diagnosed wth R A. 9 years ago an osteo last year. Iv had odd days off due to really bad flares but mainly I go in and do my job. . A few months ago I had some really bad flare ups and my time off triggered a stage 2. I asked my manager was I not covered by disability act and she said no as they didnt have a similar position to offer me so had i thought of early retirement. I told her I thought about it on a daily basis but could not afford it(im 64 in December my I can retire Dec 24). she has mentioned it a couple of times since about not being able to accomodate my illness and Im quite worried that I may lose my job an it wont be easy to find another one. Sorry for such a down in the dumps first post but Im just worried that my RA will be the reason I will lose my job. Hope some one can advise Jill


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    Welcome to the forum, @Jilly1 .

     I see that you have had RA for 9 years and have Osteo from last year. Pain and flareups have made work difficult and you are coming under pressure to take early retirement that you cannot afford.

     Here is some information from our website: 

    You can speak to our Helpline – 0800 5200 520,  and you should also visit the NRAS website (National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, where you will find much useful information on work and relations with your employer.

    Please post again, letting us know how you get on.

    Tom, Moderator.

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    Hi @Jilly1 I don't know what evidence your manager cited to say you're not classified as having a disability but they're almost certainly wrong. See the NRAS guide to the Equality Act 2010 here:

    This section in particular.

    "Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is almost always likely to fall within the definition of a physical impairment and, therefore, will satisfy this element of the test."

  • Sounds like 'reasonable adjustments' in the workplace is required. Speak to Occupational Health and ask about an 'Access to work' assessment, look on the government website.

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    Yes it is, I seen my heath and safety person at work and they have helped me do jobs I can manage, if you boss is being funny with you, get in touch with occupational therapy and they will come to your work to walk round with you and your boss and you show them what you can and cannot do.