Pain relief issues


Hope everyone is doing as ok as possible

I've been having pain relief issues since the respiratory consultant has said no more Naproxen or Ibuprofen now that my asthma is chronic, the neurologist says no more codeine because it might affect seizure threshold even though there have been no previous issues and the rheumatologist can only give a certain amount of steroid depos (had 3 so far this year). Paracetamol on it's own is doing absolutely nothing for the psoriatic arthritis joint pain. Tried Gabapentin and didn't react well to it, pregabalin worked okish to a degree but would need increases to carry on being effective which isn't a good idea so I came of it. Hot and cold therapy is helpful to a certain extent but so many joints are effected. I've been through the pain clinic system for Fibromyalgia but was discharged after PsA diagnosis 🙄

Currently taking sulfsalazine and methotrexate (metojet) 10mg as was the dosage was lowered in 5mg increments from 25mg as it was causing issues evident in blood test monitoring. Rheumatologist wants to attempt an increase to 15mg, if that causes issues then it's on to biologics but struggling with pain n the mean time.

Any advice or suggestions that might help, would be greatly appreciated ☺️



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    Hi @Hobble

    I was put onto Amgevita biosimilar last July for my PsA and it has made a significant difference - I'd push your rheumatologist for a decision soon if I were you. It hasn't made all the pain go away - I'd describe my shoulders aching like I had a bad flu - but in comparison with last June when they had me on morphine injections and oramorph in hospital and then dihydrocodeine and paracetamol at home it's a great improvement. I've only taken a couple of painkillers in the last 6 months. I use capsaicin cream on my shoulders and knees and Ralvo lidocaine patches for my back and knee and find they both help. They were prescribed for me by an NHS pain management consultant I was referred to. I also use hot and cold heat packs where necessary and wear compression gloves on my hands during the day.

    Hope you get sorted out soon.