Arthritis moving

I have been having pain I'm my arm for awhile, physio said I have tennis elbow. Even though its in my arm. Now my other arm has started.

Been going to the opticians for few months with dry eyes. Was told that I'm doing everything right but am going to be referred to a specialist as there's not enough improvement. They think it could be something do with my osteoarthritis.

I had a MRI scan done months ago but haven't had the results back. But received an appointment for orthopaedics so hopefully will get some answers.


  • Lilymary
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    Our nervous systems have a habit of transferring pain from point of source to various other parts of our bodies. I had pains down my leg for years before we realised it was all down to my decrepit hip that was lurking in the background. Post op I still have pains all down my leg due to complications, but the source is still my hip. I hope your physio can come up with the right course of treatment for you. Exercises are terribly boring - all physios know this, but they also know that we need to keep up with them every day for weeks, even months, for them to show real benefit. In the real world most of us give up after a fortnight, which is just daft when you think about it.

    I don't have any insights into OA and dry eyes, but an elderly relative eventually realised hers was due not to increasing decrepitude and lack of eye drops, but caused by spending far too long staring at the computer screen (when we don't blink anywhere near as often as normally).

    I do hope your ortho appointment goes well. Sometimes the wheels grind along very slowly, but at least you've been in ths system all this time.

  • N1gel
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    My GP told me I had tennis elbow but an Occupational Therapist advised me to push for a scan which showed it to be OA. I think there is a stage where it's difficult to tell one from the other.

    The scan showed OA in one elbow but the other was 'really quite a good joint' - so it's definitely not a given that both elbows will be similarly affected.

    Of course there isn't a day when I don't worry that the good elbow is going the same way (you start looking for signs & symptoms) - that's human nature.

    I didn't know about the link between OA and dry eyes, but I've definitely got dry eyes, I'll look it up.

  • Susan69
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    Does arthritis cause balance and co-ordination issues or do you only get them if you have another neuro condition that specifically causes those issues?

    I just wondered if there were any exercises that focus on the balance you need to be able to walk better or whether it's just about pain and fatigue for most?


  • Bernardo
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    Reading all these comments is ironically a comfort to me as I am still waiting on my consultant appointment after my GP referral. Multiple pains in my shoulders arms (fingers now and again) knees of which I'm told are heading for replacement (s) .I'm fed up as the medication I have been prescribed is as yet not having a positive effect.

  • jamieA
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    Hi @Susan69

    Are you on methotrexate? I found that when I was on 20mgs of MTX I had regular balance issues particularly if I changed direction whilst walking. It may well have been also aggravated by other drugs I was on at the time but dizziness is a listed side effect of MTX. Since my MTX was reduced to 10mgs I've not suffered the same issues. I was having a course of physio at the time and the physio gave me exercises to do to help my balance.

  • N1gel
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    Certainly in my case the poor balance and co-ordination caused me to put excess strain on the joints and resulted in OA - no doubt about that; threw everything out of kilter. But I'd do it all again.

  • Susan69
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    yes my gait has been erm...odd..since my early thirties. I can only really manage a short distance. I mainly use crutches in front of others cos they help me walk in a straighter line for a few steps but they're hard work...ok just for a few steps between houses and cars to get in family members houses.

    I prefer the rollator round the house and garden but its old and big and clunky but great for pushing things from room to room and sturdy enough to sit on seat and use feet to push myself round backwards. My problem being as I have to lean on walking aids to keep balance especially when trying to step up or down it makes getting the rollator up and down kerbs or uneven terrain difficult so I always use a big mobility scooter for walking the dog as it absorps bumps better! It's too big for the smallvillage shops and surgery though and taxi's wontt ake it so other than getting the dog out I'm housebound as can't manage the manual chair outdoors myself as very hilly and not wheelchair-friendly terrain.

    Fatigue means by the time I've got myself up and dressed, taken dog out and fed us both I'm needing to lie down again!!