Nobody chats


Hi, to say this is a forum when nobody seems to chat or comment. It’s like talking to yourself! Back to Facebook I go 😅


  • stickywicket
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    I'm sorry you feel dissatisfied with our forums, @DonnaC .I've glanced through your posts and they seem to be about weightlifting to tone up despite neck arthritis that can give you migraines. I don't think anyone on here could, or should advise on such a serious matter though I see @frogmorton gave you a very good reply. Yes, we all need exercise to keep our joints in good nick but exercising to tone up flabby flesh or lose weight is a very different matter. Plus, as @frogmorton said, nowadays diet is considered much better than exercise for that. I think what you really need is a good musculoskeletal physiotherapist's advice.

    For non-arthritic chat, try 'Val's Cafe' forum.

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  • Lilymary
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    Hi @DonnaC , I've found this forum a lifesaver before and after my hip replacement, but that may be because my condition is relatively common compared to the topics you've been raising. I don't believe it's indifference, it may just be that not many are in quite the same boat as you and didn't feel they had much to contribute that would be helpful. I'm a facebook addict, and it's great for getting moral support from people you know but who don't necessarily have experience of the same challenges as you, and I found this forum much better for the specifics and tips from people with the same problem.

    Do stick around, we're a friendly bunch, really we are! There are lots of visitors coming and going, one some may come along who can share their experiences with you.