Hello all

I’m 51, have PsA and had a right leg femoral DVT last week. Anyone else suffered this and also a flare at the same time? How did you cope with the pain? Due to start Humira next week after two failed DMARDs and an anaphylaxis. Such a horrible disease isn’t it. Sending you all love and pain free days xx


  • Susan69
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    Hi I had an anaphylaxsis of the left leg ..some years ago now but it went undiagnosed as I had a history of Anaphylaxsis (though usually involving the face/airway) and thought it was an allergic reaction to a cream I had put on 15 mins prior to leg swelling so just took extra anti histamine and pain-killers until it went down!

    When I had an MRI it showed white spots and they called it 'silent stroke' or TIA (I think). The very worse symptoms were the first 48 hours but as leg did go down and I had nothing like facial droop or paralysis of an arm I did not know it was a kind of stroke so didn't visit the ER at the time. I live very rurally with no transport so just went to bed thinking it will have gone down by the next day if I slept with leg raised so with hindsight was extremely lucky it was only a TIA where the clot dissolved itself! (I was on a turmeric supplement at the time which may have helped it dissolve itself???).

    I still just take Turmeric to keep blood thinner as I seem to get bad reactions to many traditional meds (either rashes/feeling very sick or full blown anaphylaxis reaction).

    I used painkillers plus one of those magnetic ankle band things (incase they helped), kept leg raised as much as possible. I also used a sciati-calm gadget (but I thought it was sciatica at the time) which did help relieve pain in lower centre of back, alternated with laying on ice packs or hot water bottles! - just threw everything I had at it basically in the hope that something worked!!! 😫..and quickly!!

    tbh I think it was only manageable because I already had an electric wheelchair in the house and scooter for walking my dog due to an exissting neurological disorder and you get so used to the daily pain and don't want to waste energy seeking help to be told there's nothing they can do (yet again!) had I been fully mobile when it happened I may have gone to ER in the 'moment of the attack' and got dx much earlier! 🙄