Rheumatoid arthritis

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Hello, I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago and have suffering badly ever since. Started on Methotrexate which worked well with RA but made me so down so they advised me to start Leflunomide. I started it in Feb then got Covid (no symptoms at all) but had to come off medication, where things got so bad. I’ve have 2 lots of steroid injection and 2 courses of steroids but I’m still suffering so badly. I’m sure the medication is working for me but have to stay on it until 6 months. I’m finding hard to do things for any length of time as I won’t be able to use my hands the next day. It has really taken over my life in such a Devastating way. I super fit and have been teaching fitness for 25 years. I still work (with extreme pain) but just have to adapt. My RA travels all around my body. Mainly in my arms/elbows/hands/jaw and knees. It is definitely getting worse and I really worry about the future. I’m 51 and I live on my own.


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    Hello @Locket1970 A warm welcome to the Online community from me.

    From your post I understand you were diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago and your pain is still not under control. The timing indicates your diagnosis was possibly during the COVID outbreak and wonder whether that has contributed to you still 'suffering so badly'.

    You are used to being very fit and the fact that your work is teaching fitness bears that out so this must be very tough for you to live with. Your fears for the future given your work and the fact that you live alone are totally understandable.

    I know you are not 'Newly diagnosed' as such, but wonder whether this information might be of interest to you while you wait for someone to come along to tell you their story?

    Now that you have introduced yourself please do have a look around the rest of the forum particularly Living with Arthritis which tends to be one of the most popular categories.

    Very best wishes