Cervical Spinal Stenosis

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Hi everyone recently diagnosed with cervical stenosis . Anybody else got the same going on as me . Constant neck spasm tinnitus in both ears so loud some days want to bang my head on the wall and sinusitis . Took ages to get an MRI done after weeks of them saying it was earwax . Been waiting 15 weeks to see neurologist . All doctor says she can give is paracetamol and diazepam for the really bad days because I need specialist help


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    Hi @Coopersmam

    Welcome to the community,

    You have recently been diagnosed with cervical stenosis and are asking for more information on what you can do to help.

    I'm sorry to hear that it took so long for you to get a diagnosis, this must have been extremely frustrating.

    Cervical spinal stenosis can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. The pain may be occasional or chronic and it may radiate down your arm or hand. Cervical spinal stenosis can also cause headaches or numbness. It can also affect the nerves that control your balance, which can lead to clumsiness or a tendency to fall.

    You can find out more here specifically about stenosis and also we have lots of useful information on neck pain on our VA website

    Hopefully you will find these links useful, but you may also want to post in our Living with arthritis discussion as there will be other members who are in similar situations.

    Please keep in touch with how you are getting on

    Best wishes, Helen (Mod)

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    Hi @Coopersmam

    I've had tinnitus for over 20 years - it's a high pitched tone with me around the 10kHz frequency that never goes away. In 2016 I was initially diagnosed with bulging discs in my neck and lumbar region but after MRIs last year they are now saying it is spinal stenosis. I used to cycle about 150kms a week and would get a burning sensation in my neck, I assumed because of the mostly stationary position of my head when cycling - neck bent backwards. The orthopaedics consultant I saw back in 2016 said he 'could put me under the knife but was concerned he could do more harm than good' so we left it there. I've also been a long time sinusitis sufferer. When I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2020 I was referred to a pain management consultant who prescribed me capsaicin cream and Ralvo lidocaine patches for my knee and shoulders as I wanted to reduce my high painkiller intake. I don't use the patches for my knees and shoulders as I'm now on biologics for my PsA and the cream suffices but I use the Ralvo patches for my lumbar region when my lower back is aching. I've never had a need to use them on my neck but they certainly provide relief for me in the lumbar region. They are not cheap so there was some initial resistance from my GP to prescribe them and you can only apply one for 12 hours a day. It might be worth a discussion with your GP about them.