How do I get a tradesman Scotland Connot get a joiner to put a Single Oven into a Housing premade and electric cable available and space to fit ready from removed ex freestanding oven and a Hob above. I had one stupid quote shocked dishonest £800 plus VAT the Housing only costs £70 and small piece worktop £80 Inc Vat! Local Care a repair all available will not help as I own my tiny flat.Any suggestions even tried Handymen no joy.I have severe IBS and bought this Oven tohelp means with the Arthritis in my arms and neck.


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    I live in the Borders but our local Care and Repair team will help anyone who is over 60 or disabled whether or not they are home owners. There is an annual fee of about £40 but you can ask for their help as often as you wish for that.

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