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I am diagnosed with a problem from neck affecting my elbow on one arm.I played classical guitar gave up now due? summer weather able just to play. but pain after a short period.Any similar musicians with arthritis opinions on how to deal with this problem considered a Mandola larger version of Mandolin as an unknown solution.

Any experiences. Thanks.


  • frogmorton
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    I am so sorry about this so unfair.

    Can you try holding it in a 'different' position for a while or a heat patch on your sore bit to buy a little more playing time?

    I hope there are other musicians here who might be able to help you

    Toni x

    DODGYKNEES Member Posts: 84

    Hi @GalaxyA12 I have osteoarthritis in multiple places. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck, and ulnar neuropathy, nerve damage in my left elbow. I also play guitar. I sit with a v pillow behind me, and I support the position and weight of the guitar with cushions or pillows. I also take regular breaks, getting up and moving around regularly helps. There are guitar rests u can buy on the internet which holds the guitar in a comfortable position. I hope this is of help.