Moving around the Biologics and Covid impact

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Hi - so like a lot of people I did not get Covid until recently - the positive days were not so bad - it might be a coincidence but the fatique and joint pain I have had in weeks following is worse than I have ever had.

On Entercept and RA DR after 3 years is going to switch to another Biolgic because it has stopped working - what are other experience of moving around the☺️ Biologics?


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    Hi @yvonnemcdermott

    I'd be interested in the answers to that as well. After almost a year on the adalimumab biosimilar Amgevita my new rheumatologist thinks it may be waning in efficacy. I attended the rheumatology clinic on Monday past where they took bloods to check if my system has generated antibodies to the Amgevita. It will take a couple of weeks to get the blood test results. According to the rheumatologist a percentage of patients on adalimumab and other anti-TNF drugs can develop antibodies to the drug. The rheumatologist has said that if that's the case with me she plans to move me onto Secukinumab.

    I'm a bit wary of changing as I'd hate to go back to the way I was last June - before the Amgevita had been prescribed. I do realise that my joints are far more aching than they were earlier this year - like I've a bad flu - and my hands and right wrist have swollen a few times recently.