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Hi everyone I'm new to this site I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis about 7 years ago in my knee over the years I've has 3 injections in it which didn't work I've had physio aboy 5 years ago which I was told after 8 weeks the couldn't help me anymore due to how damaged my knee was I was offered codine off doctor that I tried not to take as didn't want to become reliant on painkillers I thought at time if I could still do a lot of things in my life and go for a walk I would just plod on and try and cope with pain doc said at some point a knee replacement could be an option but as I was only 47 it would be better if I waited..tbh I wasn't ready for an operation so big anyway my knee started to get worse in lockdown and over the last about 8 months I am struggling so much to do everyday things in the tast 3 months I can't even go to supermarket shopping as I get halfway round and in total agony and can't hardly walk ..I can't walk a half a mile to my local shops as pain so bad to a point it makes me feel physically sick anyway after a lot of thought I decided to make a big decision and go see doc about knee replacement as I'm only 56 and want my life back to a bit of normality anyway my doctor said he can't directly refer me that I have to go to a physiotherapy consultation and then they make the decision if I need referring can anyone please tell me if this is right or am I just been fobbed off ..someone please help me and point me in the right direction of how to get a knee replacement I'm so desperate and taking more pain killers than I should be atm with ibropropen gell also 9n knee which isn't doing much good anyway any advice would be appreciated


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    Hello @MWJ

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us.

    So you were diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in your knee around 7 years ago. At the time you had physiotherapy but were told that the damage was severe and that you you needed a knee replacement. Due to your age at the time you decided that you wanted to carry on as you were. However, over lockdown it became a lot worse to the point that it is now negatively effecting your life. Your GP had told you that they can not directly refer you and that it needs to be done through physiotherapy and then being assessed by a consultant. You're wondering if this is what other people have experienced or if you're the only one. You're also looking for support with regards to how to manage your pain as well as general advice.

    It really does sound like you have been suffering though it all. With regards to what you have been told by your GP I can tell you that that isn't what I have experienced, however I do know that different county’s have different procedures. It will be interesting to see what other members have to say with regards to this. What I would say though is that you have every right to be seen by a consultant so asking your GP to start the process, whether that be being referred to physio or directly to a consultant, I would get the ball rolling now as once you are put on the list for surgery, you will still have a fairly lengthy wait due to the length of the lists at the moment.

    When you were seen by the physio’s originally, did they give you any exercises or helpful information on how you could help support your knee?

    Ive found the following links below that I think will be of use to you. Please do have a read when you have a chance.

    Im sure once the other members have had the opportunity to read your post they will be able to give you lots of support about what you are going through.

    Please do continue to keep getting involved in the community and do let us know how you are getting on.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    Hello MWJ

    i too have knee OA which has gradually worsened since diagnosis about 7 years ago. I recently saw my GP as the pain has worsened and is making it hard to do my job. He told me he could not refer me to see the consultant without me undergoing physio therapy treatment and review. I was referred by the physio several months ago to an “escape pain” course. This was a 6 week course, twice a week for 2 hours. I was unable to get the sufficient time off work to do this. I therefore am blocked from being referred onwards, as I have not completed the physio recommendations.

    My GP referred me privately to see the same consultant I would have seen on the NHS. It looks like I will now have to spend my forthcoming pension pot which I get when I am 60, on a knee replacement. Meanwhile I will be paying privately for hyaluronic injections from the consultant, out of my minimum wage!

    I hope you have more success than I have had. I can’t even get an X-ray from my GP!

    Good luck. Be persistent and assertive.


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    I had an accident twisting my knee badly, like you I have arthritis in the knee and the hips, I found it impossible to walk my dog and was relying on neighbours to help for about 4 days, then I saw an advert for an invalidity car for £330 second hand but good, I bought it, walked my dog and gave my knee a rest for about 3 weeks. I was told the injury would take about 4 months to heal and if I still had problems to have injections in the knee but apparently (I’ve heard ) they don’t last very long.

    Giving your knee a break might give you less pain until you get your operation, and don’t be too timid to ask for help, we all need that at sometime.

    I wish you well!

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  • If you live in the uk you are automatically referred to the MSK Dept who assess you it’s a process now GPS cannot just refer straight to orthopaedics. Hope that helps