Partial wrist fusion


Hi, hope everyone is well!

I am due to have a partial wrist fusion surgery in September to fuse the radius to the lunate bone on my right wrist.

I work as a receptionist so mainly work on a computer. My surgeon has agreed that I can go back to work with a cast on once the pain has settled down as long as I take it easy and then have another couple of weeks off after the cast comes off to let it settle some more. I was just wondering if anyone has had anything similar and how much time they had off work and how long it took for the pain to ease? I can’t afford to be off for the whole recovery time so I’m hoping to be able to go back to work before the cast is off. I’m left handed aswell so that helps somewhat as I’ll still be able to write and can swap the mouse over to the other side so I can use my left hand for that. I won’t be lifting anything heavy and can be put on the quiet shifts so my main concern is how long it will be before the pain is more manageable and I’m well enough to work.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you!