When to restart meds after having covid

Hi, I tested positive for covid ten days ago and was advised to stop taking meds (enbrel jab every other week and 10mg methotraxate weekly) until I tested negative and also felt better. I tested negative a day or so ago but after initially not feeling too bad with the Covid (ie nothing worse than a nasty cold) I now don't feel great at all, have a constant just slightly sore throat and am struggling to get going again. I'm assuming it's some kind of (hopefully minor) long covid but also my rheumatoid is flaring. I can't make up my mind whether to start taking the meds again and wonder how long others have left it? Thanks.


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    Hi @Clairerigby12  

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    You recently tested positive for Covid and were advised to stop taking your meds. Having subsequently tested negative you now don’t feel well and suspect this could a symptom of long Covid. You’re not sure if it’s best to start taking your meds again or hold-off for the time being. You’d like to hear from any forum members as to how long they waited to go back on their meds. 

    In case you haven’t visited our website you may find some useful information generally as regards RA:


    In terms or helping you decide when to start taking your meds again, I hope you receive some use feedback from members. In addition, you may wish to make a quick call to our Helpdesk team who may be able to provide you with appropriate advice, Contact details are: 

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    I hope that you receive some useful advice and are able to shake off any long Covid symptoms very soon. 

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