Severe osteoarthritis in many joints awaiting knee replacement

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Hi guys I'm a 54 year female had chronic osteoarthritis in hips since being diagnosed at 25. It took a further 24 years to get my hip replaced last February 2021.

The hip replacement has not completely been successful as it has caused a 12mm leg difference and I have illiopasis tendinopathy. So still suffering.

I'm due to have a total knee replacement sometime this year as whole knee has totally gone to bone on bone.

I'm scared to have my other hip done as that is now causing extreme pain even when resting and sleeping.

I've also never not worked but the pain is so bad I am totally devastated that that this crippling disease is robbing me of my independence.

The thought of my joints keep declining like this is scary. I'm on so many pain killers , co codamol, tramadol, amitriptyline, naproxen. They themselves have so many side effects , it's just draining at the moment and I know if I give up work it may get worse.

On a positive note my body may be feeling old but my mind is young and I'm normally a happy positive person.

Anybody else out there with stories similar I'd love to hear about them, and share some coping strategies.

Thankyou in advance.


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    Hi @Coops67  

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    You were diagnosed with OA at an early age, had a hip replacement a year ago and are due to have a knee replacement this year. You’re worried that you’ll need your other hip replacing as it’s causing you a lot of discomfort. Despite the above you manage to have a positive outlook. You’d like to hear from other forum members who find themselves in a similar position with a view to sharing their approaches to coping. 

    Well you’ve definitely come to the right place to meet people who can relate to your experience with arthritis. 

    On Living with arthritis we have posts from many members who live with arthritis, I'm sure you will be able to find some existing discussions you may wish to join in on or, if not, start a new one.

    Also, you may find this link to our website as regards knee replacements useful:

    I hope you find joining the forum beneficial and good luck with your knee replacement.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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  • Hi @Coops67

    Just had my 2nd full hip replacement at the age of 45 and now waiting for bilateral knee replacements. The pain killer story is very familiar and I am taking part in a feasability study for an alternative. Unable to share on this site as not supported by Versus Arthritis but feel free to look through my posts. They have been hidden by the moderators but still available if you search by my user name.

    Cheers Danny